Apr 24, 2011

seusai semester pertama


16 April 2011 left me so much memories being as a student. officially, i'm done my first semester =) yay!! big hooorayyyyyyyyy there. lived at ground floor not fun as you guys thought. 1st, there was no WIFI connection at all and i have to go to cafeteria or student lounge in order to access to the internet. pity me hah? huhu 2nd, my room was the only room which alive i mean really alive because i heard nothing except my roommates was talking or me myself was talking to all day long. quite scary right? but thank god, i met some people in the wash room. what a long relief there =D 3rd, stuck with freaking-insane-roommates-like-i'm-gonna-lost-my-mind till the last day in campus. well, thats not so bad actually. we had so much fun together. thanks my girlfriends really loves you all mucho mucho =) especially my sweetheart, Farah Nazirah Badardin. we had spent about 2weeks togethers. i gonna miss you lah babe (jangan nak terharu kalau baca :P) we will stuck at home for 5 months. i repeat 5 MONTHS dude! kijo la eden nampok nyo heh. kalau eden kijo goyang kaki jo takpo ko? in short, i'm wishing to all my friends happy holiday peeps and have a nice vacation. see ya on next semester ;)

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