Feb 2, 2011

hari-hari di Kedah


i'm not feeling good lately.its like an old lady already.. hey, you know what people? finally i'm in Kedah. there lots sort of things in my mind right now especially when talked about home. home sweets home right??? =) i missed my room, my bed, my pillow and my wardrobe. i love to spend the whole day just sitting and laying down in my room. kinda bored right? to me, its not.

on the second day, i went to dental clinic to have tooth's check up. i asked my dad to accompany me but he refused to. then i decided not to go.. em em not alone! suddenly my mum offered herself to accompany me. thanks mum.. you are my savior =) i really freaking scared to see the doctor. i don't know why but its been since i was a kid. i wish i have the strength to open up my mouth and let the doctor do the rest.. the doctor was very friendly and she made some jokes too haha well, actually i was planning to wear braces heee though i dont know yet.. it cost a lot you know!!

today i had decided to hang out with my panda to celebrate panda's birthday. even it was a month ago but i'm still want to celebrate it. i always save the best at last. so yeah, we did have fun together. eating, laughing, joking and enjoying ourselves being together. awww, i love that moment. thanks for be around with me =) before we heading back, i bought spaghetti and pizza ingredients. my sister and my brothers wanna come back this chinese new year. so, i want to make our 'makan besar'  *wink *wink 

yet, i'm still not in mood to finished up my assignments. oh nOooooooooo what a lazy lady i am -_-" . plus, i have to settle down PTPTN and MARA forms before goin' back to campus. the thing is, i'm trying to apply JPA but i don't know how. anyone knows? whatt!!! JPA?? for me, its such a big dream that never come true. well, just give it a try. who knows.... btw, it did mention that JPA will open up new application every 1 feb. but there is no such thing. so, how come?? i have no idea at all.... *sigh

the tahi part never gives up till now. my phone's charger was inapplicable and cannot be turn on till i'll be back to campus. oh tahi!!!!  that means no one can reach me out. em em NO ONE... i have to forget my phone for while huhu but still, i have my lovely lappy with me =) facebooking n blogging all the time. oyeahhhh =D

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