Nov 24, 2010


Assalamualaikum =)

i missed my ex-roommates.when i woke up this morning, i took out every single pictures i had with them. awww i miss you people damn much!!! remember the last day we spent together in Nilai? we wasting our last time together with gossiping,hang out around,joking like silly, watching  movies till dawn and playing games such there's no tomorrow. when we got something unclear we will straight away ask Mr.Google haha remember about those mysterious stories that we found out? its really funny =D 

Ice Room

my Roommates E-3-8

i also met my best buddies ever there. Nick,Ida and Ara.we will always stick together no matter what happen,joys and tears.even we might separated in the future, but those memories and bond between us would never fade.we are GAY not  lesb. why? because there's no such man in our life and conversation. (temporary :P) we had boy friends but no one between us had the special ones, single mingle!!perhaps,love after marriage =) hope we can meet again!!
on previous October, we had finished our final paper and some of us will graduate and some will remain to continue next semester.For those graduating students,  this coming 8 Dec would be a huge date for us peeps. we will go to another path which we had dream before. wish all the best and may Allah bless all of us =)

p/s:maaf atas nahu yang bertaburan di mana-mana


saya_arief said...

tengok gamba macam kenal je sowang2..
tapi... x kenal.

MyR@ said...

macam kenal tapi hakikatnya tidak
hahah :D

Fakhrur Razi berkata said...

woah congrts ;D
next sem still in Nilai ke?

MyR@ said...

thanks ;)
nope!g gombak lak heee :D

nusaibah said...

smg ukhuwh yg t'jalin lillahita3la i'Allah :)

nusaibah said...
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